Being as it is Easter and a lot of us are indulging in the tradition of the Easter Egg hunt, I thought it would be appropriate to post a few of the Easter Eggs that knowledgeable Left-leaning web surfers, video gamers, and DVD viewers and collectors could enjoy. For those of you that are not into DVDs or video games, as a way of explanation, an “Easter EGG” is a little extra bit of content, usually added by the programmer, or video developer. It usually provides, extra features, more content, or generally humorous messages from the unrecognized people behind the scenes.

This listing is not meant to be all-inclusive, but merely a forum for others to share and enjoy the ones that they have found. This being said, with the fluidity of the internet and such, the author cannot verify for certain many of the links presented:

Let’s go egg hunting …after the fold…

It’s a little known fact that there are a number of “Easter Eggs” to be had on the internet… you just have to know where to look!

Go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/ :  click on the little “email updates” icon… click your “back button”… repeat this sequence two more times, and then type in the word “animatronics” in the search box and hit return.
 You should then be treated to a little QuickTime video narrated by Karl Rove describing the hard work behind the presidency (better act quickly on this one before it’s taken down):

(this is an actual screen capture from the video)

Want to take a quick little jaunt into the Twilight Zone?
Just type in, click on, or copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.boomantribune.com  
You should be instantly transported to another Online Progressive Playground that looks and behaves like The Daily Kos, but only with a different name and color scheme!

Quite a rewarding Easter Egg can be found on “Law and Order – Season 12 ” DVD just released this year. To find this little gem, go to the main menu… this one requires some real timing… at the sound of the “Doink, Doink”, click on the special features option… If you time it just right, you will be treated to the episode that NBC refused to air last year! It’s entitled “Federal Offense”.

(Actual still from the episode)

Plot synopsis:  A dead Arab body winds up abandoned along the curb of a street in the Manhattan financial district. Autopsy reveals that the cause of death is due to horrific, multiple beatings and torture over an extended time, and not an assumed mugging.  Detectives Brisco and Green are thrust reluctantly into the limelight as they investigate, and must travel to Washington DC to unravel the mystery. They face insurmountable odds as they attempt to bring those responsible to justice.

Another great “Egg” can be had on the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD… on the main menu, just as Bush’s advisor steps into the picture and whispers into his ear click on the “Features” option. This is a great option for all of the conspiracy minded out there… you will be treated to the film, in it’s entirety, with an overdubbed narration and analysis by former CIA Security Analyst Richard Clarke… warning, graphic language at points, particularly during Michael Moore’s interview with Porter Goss.


This is one for the Computer based “Command and Conquer Generals”. It’s a little tricky… on the main menu animation screen track the Hum-Vee that comes tearing across the screen with your cursor, and just before it blows up, click on it. A splash screen should pop up that looks like this:

Congratulations!  You are now about to play “Command and Conquer Generals” – The Donald Rumsfeld Edition…

A small sub-menu should then pop up with the options 1) Up Armor, 2) Torture Mode, or 3) Scorched Earth… select which scenario you would like to try… they’re all equally bloodthirsty and futile! You’re handicapped by the game interface with not enough men or resources, inadequate equipment, lack of ability to raise money, and dwindling support at home with eventual citizen uprisings. Sort of an “Army that you have” type of scenario as you fight against the GLA Terrorists or the People’s Republic of China; and you can chose from the three strategy options above, or even a combination…

For all of you Sims 2 fans, there is an exciting new Washington DC Urbz expansion pack that can be played online. In all honesty, this is not really an “Easter Egg”, per se, but a clearly labeled expansion pack that is undergoing beta testing. In this game, you can take on and play the persona of many Washington DC politicians as well as outsiders and insiders. Sexual preferences, activity levels, and many, many other variables can be modified. At present, the two most popular guises seem to be 1) the single black female secretary of state, and 2) the false White House press corps. reporter and supposedly former male prostitute social climber. Be careful, it’s addicting!

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