If Postmaster General Louis DeJoy had any honor he would resign, but CNN reports that he intends to stay. This is a problem because President Biden cannot fire him. Only the postal board of governors can remove DeJoy, and the board is currently comprised of four Republicans and two Democrats. There are three vacancies, and Biden could fire members of the board if he can find cause, so DeJoy can be removed. But this will require the Senate to vet and confirm the replacement board members. None of this should be necessary.

On Tuesday, DeJoy met with the board of governors and apologized to the public for delays in mail delivery, particularly during the holidays, “Too many Americans were left waiting weeks for important deliveries of mail and packages. This is unacceptable, and I apologize to those customers who felt the impact of our delays.”

It’s widely suspected that DeJoy intentionally sabotaged the prompt delivery of mail in an effort to lessen the impact of the Democrats’ vote-by-mail advantage in the presidential election. There is no reason for Biden to have confidence in DeJoy, and DeJoy certainly understands this. In normal circumstances, if the president doesn’t trust you to do your job you should voluntarily step down. Why hang on to your job like grim death when it will at most delay your termination by a few months?

You’d think even the Trump loyalists on the board of governors would recognize this too, and force DeJoy out now, but of course they won’t do that.

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