Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTonight’s guests on PBS’s Charlie Rose (schedule):

  • JAN EGELAND, Under-Secretary-General for
    Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations

  • CLIVE OWEN, Actor, “Sin City” (slurp)

On BBC World Service, Egeland announced he’d urged U.N. staff in earthquake-affected areas to spend the night outside. Charlie will ask him about the earthquake, and the most neglected humanitarian hot spots (listed below):
From a March 26 Washington Times pick-up of a Manila Times editorial:

On media attention to world crises:

    MANILA — A survey … has cited 10 significant crises that aid experts said had been neglected by the world media.

    The most neglected humanitarian hot spots, the aid experts said, included the crises in Congo, northern Uganda, western and southern Sudan, West Africa, Colombia, Chechnya, Nepal and Haiti.

    The United Nations’ list is longer: 21, including Eritrea, Somalia, Tajikistan, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and the occupied Palestinian territories. …

Public contributions are an important investment. Turmoil is much cheaper to avert, according to [U.N. Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan] Egeland, than to fix once it has erupted.

And Clive Owen. I’m a longtime fan of his exceptional acting ability, as well as his other attributes. (IMDb link)

Sin City: The previews look great. Is this another Kill Bill?

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