Clearly, the Radical Religionists are composed of more than a few shrubs off the old Bush. Pat Buchanan was on Imus this morning, and on a Dkos diary is quoted:

Activist judges have imposed abortion and gay marriage on this country.

The executive branch, good people like the President and his brother,with the help of congress, have to strip power from the judiciary and put it back in its proper place. (Emphasis added.)

But the Bush Boyz are right out in front leading the Talibangelist charge in all its male fascist glory.
All in all, it’s quite a malodorous display. The rank arrogance of the Dominionists who want a Christian Taliban in America competes with the fragrant cynicism of the Republican leadership who keep poking the Religionists with sticks and saying "see, you should vote us in. The Democrats are all orgy-loving gay marrying Christ hating freaks who will corrupt your children with their atheist  science. You don’t want them in charge. They’ll poke you with sticks."

As Rawstory reports, Jebby tried to throw them a bone, so to speak, by sending Florida state police to kidnap a dying woman from her legal guardian among her fellow hospice patients (and an undetermined number of innocent if stupid demonstrators).  There’s an as yet unsubstantiated rumor that the Bush boys planned  to play a little jurisdictional flag football with Terri Schiavo’s defenseless shell of a body. From DEA Watch at 12:57 p.m. March 23, 2005:

I have also heard similar rumors. I heard that Jeb will use state police to take custody of the woman and place her in a State facility. I also heard from someone close to Jeb’s office that he and his brother agreed that George will refuse to send federal troops or use federal LE to demand custody of Sciavo. But that if George is forced by the court to use us to take Sciavo out of state custody she will then remain in federal custody. In both scenarios this means that while the woman is in either custody no one can remove her feeding tube. It appears that the Bush brothers have cooked up this ‘Shock and Awe’ scheme to bounce the woman back and forth between fed and state custody and thereby lengthen her life long enough for a Bush Brothers medical team to conduct medical examinations that will predictably conclude that Sciavo’s condition can improve if intensive treatment is given to her.

But I have to say that there are a lot of people here who are saying that Jeb’s action might result in his impeachment and would surely destroy any hopes of his following his older brother in the WH in 2008. (Emphasis added.)

We cannot wait for 2008. Paul Krugman is, once again, absolutely right.

Before he saw the polls, Tom DeLay declared that "one thing that God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo, to help elevate the visibility of what is going on in America." Now he and his party, shocked by the public’s negative reaction to their meddling, want to move on. But we shouldn’t let them. The Schiavo case is, indeed, a chance to highlight what’s going on in America.

One thing that’s going on is a climate of fear for those who try to enforce laws that religious extremists oppose. Randall Terry, a spokesman for Terri Schiavo’s parents, hasn’t killed anyone, but one of his former close associates in the anti-abortion movement is serving time for murdering a doctor. George Greer, the judge in the Schiavo case, needs armed bodyguards.

Another thing that’s going on is the rise of politicians willing to violate the spirit of the law, if not yet the letter, to cater to the religious right.

This needs to be hung around the neck of every Bushite. It needs to be pointed out to every  right leaning moderate who made the excuse of "they’d never actually do THAT" when they voted for George W. Bush or Jeb Bush or any other theocrat running for the School Board or the  State Legislature or County Dog Catcher.

They WILL do that. Unless they are stopped.

I say with no irony that I thank God for the Pinellas Park Police force who have more respect for the rule of law than either their governor or our President.

Crossposted from my blog, We are the Resistance.

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