Several news sources this morning are reporting on the protest outside of ABC’s Good Morning America yesterday.  Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) delivered a letter signed by 21 Democrats denouncing ABCs relationship with Walmart.  He also gave a fiery speech outside of the show, along with a group of local UFCW representatives and supporters.  

Some great quotes from Weiner’s speech:

“To ABC News, shame on you for getting in bed with Wal-Mart”

“To try to allow Wal-Mart to continue to wrap itself in the American flag when it has been a company that has been hostile to so many American values is troubling”

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Not only has Wal-Mart been hostile to American values, they have also stated that the only way that they can improve profitability is through cutting better deals with their overseas (read: China) suppliers.  That doesn’t sound like “Only in America” to me.

Here is a quote by ABC VP Jeff Schneider:

“What’s kind of ironic about this particular campaign against ABC News is that ABC News has done some of the most aggressive reporting about Wal-Mart.”

Yes, Mr. Schneider, that is ironic, because you are taking wads of money from a giant corporation who you have helped expose as being dangerous to American communities in order to make them appear less dangerous.  Ironic indeed.

Links to articles:

AP – Here
NY Sun – Here

Link to the UFCWs petition calling on ABC to drop Walmart as the sponsor to the “Only in America” segment:

Please keep your eyes out for more on this from me.  The UFCW is launching an aggressive new campaign, with plenty of new online tools so that we can all be active in this fight.  More to come soon…

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