What next? All the loonies have come home to rest..or take over.

Notes from Father’s message to members:

…What are we centered on that brings us into relationship with one another? What is our relationship with True Parents centered on? Our lives and relationships are different than the ideal that was held at the time of the Creation. We have to know this; it ought to be carved into our bones.

We have to cut off our past relationships. Without doing that, the ideal, the model for individuals  and families cannot be made. It is a time of great change. It is the time after the coming of heaven; we have to turn everything upside down. We have to put an end to relationships that resulted from the Fall and start again from oneself. We have to find the origin that is centered on true love, true life and true bloodline. The first step in our belief is reorganizing and setting up one’s original self and original family. If you don’t know this, you have no connection to the kingdom of heaven. We have to cut off relationships that resulted from the Fall and start a new era, as if we are starting on a clean sheet of white paper.

 True resurrection requires indemnity; not only that, it requires revolution. The conscience is the same. After a revolution of conscience, blood relationships remain. We have to reach the state of direct dominion. We have to overcome.



The Washington Times owner’s most recent of many consistent entreaties to toss democracy on the scrap-heap along with Communism:

The United States is proud of its democratic system, which carries the idea of brotherhood. She has to adopt the ideas of Parents and Godism. We have to discard relationships that resulted from the Fall.
It is time to have a new organization in a new era; then we can start with a strong mind. All of us have to have positive, active minds. As was done in Korea, you have to provide Divine Principle education to senators, congressmen, high national officials and those on the local level.


  1. Ever since the Garden of Eden, mankind has pursued the wrong relationships and forms of government.
  2. Human beings are loyal to brothers. Instead, they should be bowing down to the True Parents.
  3. The result of their sinful ways is democracy.
  4. But the proper and ultimate relationship, Moon says, is sworn obedience to parents. (He calls himself the True Father.)
  5. The U.S., therefore, must replace democracy with “Godism.”
  6. Moon urges his followers to continue laying the groundwork for his policy ideas by winning access to the U.S. Congress.


I feel like I am stuck in a bad movie.

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