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Robert White Creeley, winner of the 1999 Bollingen Prize in Poetry, and a longtime professor of English at the University of Buffalo and Brown University, has died of pneumonia at age 78. Two poems, quite apt today, with links below:


dam’s broke,

head’s a

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


(From “Life and Death”

by Robert White Creeley)

Now I recognize

it was always me

like a camera

set to expose

itself to a picture

or a pipe

through which the water

might run

or a chicken

dead for dinner

or a plan

inside the head

of a dead man.

Nothing so wrong

when one considered

how it all began.

It was Zukofsky’s

Born very young into a world

already very old …

The century was well along

when I came in

and now that it’s ending,

I realize it won’t

be long.

But couldn’t it all have been

a little nicer,

as my mother’d say. Did it

have to kill everything in sight,

did right always have to be so wrong?

I know this body is impatient.

I know I constitute only a meager voice and mind.

Yet I loved, I love.

I want no sentimentality.

I want no more than home.

Links to Morning and Goodbye

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