[editor’s note, by gilgamesh] Gave it a less “negativistic” title and tone after some reflection.

Lately I often feel that bloggers and other people who express their “absolutely revolutionary and invaluable” opinions on blogs, forums and suchlike are just profoundly committed to the moral value of vanity, attention-mongering and narcissistic self-indulgence. They actually believe that they might accomplish something, for example,  by harping on Jeff Gannon being invited into a White House press conference for the next 60 some-odd years, for example. Meanwhile, the whole thing was instantly dismissed by all professional journalists last year, of course. Not because the media is a conservative conspiracy (as the case of Rupert Murdoch’s alliance with the left-wing in Italy demonstrates, the media has just one very simple ideology: material profitability and sales), but because there is nothing there. If there were, the paid media would be all over it to gather more readers/ viewers/subscribers. Don’t you think??
Enough, though, let me ask you the question then: why do you all post, blog, forumize or whatever you want to call it?

What’s the point?? I remember someone asking this simple question on Daily Kos once and receiving over 900 comments. I kept track of the diary: almost 1,000 responses!!
So I expect to hear some answers on this.

Also, I include myself as one of the narcissistic and foolish self-indulgent usless idiots described above, of course. So absolutely no offense is intended.

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