Despite poll numbers that show most Americans think Tom DeLay and his minions are unmitigated assholes, they just don’t know how to shut up about Terry Schiavo. Rep. Steve King has some really choice quotes in the Washington Post:

“DeLay and his allies, however, remain infuriated that the Atlanta-based Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit refused Congress’s orders to take control of Schiavo’s case from Florida courts. Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr., who was appointed to the appellate court by President George H.W. Bush, criticized Congress’s actions as being “at odds” with the Constitution.

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a Judiciary Committee member and DeLay ally, said in an interview: “That kind of judge needs to be worried about what kind of role Congress will play in his future.” King said it is not clear what steps his committee might take, but he said most people do not realize the power Congress can exert over courts if it chooses.

“We have the constitutional authority to eliminate any and all inferior courts,” he said, referring to district and circuit courts. King said some federal judges refuse to answer questions from Congress unless they are being impeached, so “that may force our hand.”
Washington Post: Free Registration

I say, “Keep it coming. Keep digging that hole.”

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