Booman tribune’s first failure.  You can consider this a variant of the “goodbye cruel world” diary except I’m not going anywhere until I’m kicked out.  I am pretty disgusted with this “community” at the moment though.

Two diaries:
Diane’s What is Purpose of Political Forums and Blogs?

Booman’s Thoughts, and a Warning, on Israel

The one a contradiction of the other.  
Xenophobia and ignorance wins.
Incidentally, would this be the first example of ratings abuse so far?  Another first!

I promised Diane I’d get back to her with some thoughts on that diary but I find myself unable to say what I intended to there now without feeling like a hypocrite.

I would really like to know which vision of the future of this board is correct:  The noble ideals of community, education and exchange of ideas and encouragement found in Diane’s diary or the xenophobia, hate, arrogance and ignorance that constitutes Booman’s diary?

It’s ok; I no longer consider myself a member of this forum in any sense so it’s all academic to me what the rest of you decide to do.  As I write this though, I think I can guess which way it’s going to go.

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