You remember the breaking story Tuesday about a CBS journalist shot by U.S. troops. He is now held because he poses “an imperative threat to coalition forces.” More below …

U.S. military: Cameraman with CBS credentials detained in Iraq

Friday April 08, 2005

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) A cameraman carrying CBS press credentials was detained in Iraq earlier this week on suspicion of insurgent activity …

The cameraman suffered minor injuries Tuesday during a battle between U.S. soldiers and suspected insurgents … He was standing next to an alleged insurgent who was killed …

The military issued a statement then saying the cameraman was shot because his equipment was mistaken for a weapon.

But on Friday, the military said the cameraman was detained because there was probable cause to believe he posed “an imperative threat to coalition forces.”

“He is currently detained and will be processed as any other security detainee,” the statement said.

CBS News spokeswoman Leigh Farris said, “We’re looking into the situation.”

A spokesman for Task Force Freedom, Capt. Mark Walter, said the reporter suffered minor wounds and was with “a number of people” involved in the shootout.

Walter said the reporter was detained immediately after the incident, in part because of statements from witnesses to the battle.

Officials are investigating the man’s previous activities as well as “his alleged support of anti-Iraqi insurgency activities,” …

Who knows. But it seems odd that the military’s story has changed so significantly. I hope CBS means it when they say they’ll investigate. After all, CBS and the rest need these Iraqis to go where they can’t.

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