Late night Fridays in central Ohio meant one thing: Chiller Theater.

Other local TV stations carried their versions of Chiller Theater or Creature Freature or Monster Movie. In Columbus, Ohio, it was Chiller Theater and the host was Fritz the Night Owl.

I saw in BooMan’s diary questions raised about Cheers & Jeers.

I’m just glad this site is above such things.

This is not a rip off of Cheers & Jeers. This is a blatant rip off of Cheers and Jeers. Except it’s Thrills and Chills and it’s got a supernatural theme. What else would you expect from an amateur horror writer? Also I saw an interest in the happy diaries. I’ll post one here too.

Consider yourself warned before you click on the jump and enter Carnacki’s House of Horror.

Thrills to those who booed George W. Bush at Pope John Paul II’s funeral. At least some good came out of the macabre spectacle.

Chills to a haunted City Hall in Delaware. Can you imagine the horror of spending the afterlife listening to zoning appeals? ::Shudder.

Chills to vandals damaging a Civil-war era casket found in Washington, D.C. I hope the occupant haunts you nightly.

Chills to Satanic orgies desecrating cemeteries. As pointed out elsewhere, who says Brisbane, Australia has no night life?

Thrills to a Scottish professor holding seances in Edingburgh’s most haunted, underground vault.

Thrills to vampire hunters in Romania. Old superstitions die harder than the Un-Dead. Soj mentioned this still occurs.

Thrills to real-life explorations of The DaVinci Code mystery.

So what is thrilling and chilling you tonight?

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