From Gary Bauer’s “End of Day” listserv:

Dean’s “Honor”

Last week 40 members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, attended Pope John Paul II’s funeral. For virtually all of them it was a moving experience. But Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic Party, was not part of the trip.

Instead, he was back here in Washington, D.C., receiving the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which called Dean “one of the nation’s most gay supportive politicians.” The award was presented to him by Kate Michelman, the former leader of NARAL.

You may recall that Dean said some months ago that he wanted to reach out to religious voters–and for good reason. Dean and his fellow Democrats find themselves out of power today because most people of faith view the national Democrat Party as hostile to their values and beholden to fringe special interest groups. As a result, the party has been hemorrhaging more and more Catholic votes with each major election.

But somehow I doubt accepting an award recognizing Dean’s support for the radical homosexual rights agenda, presented to him by a leader of the pro-abortion movement, mere hours before the pope’s funeral, is an effective method of religious outreach!

I don’t know, Gary. Seems pretty effective to this religious voter.

But what the hell do I know? I’m only a yahoo from the United Church of Christ.

Erm, an ordained yahoo.

Erm, an ordained yahoo from the same Christian denomination as Howard Dean.

But hey, what do we know about religious outreach, right?

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