Bagdad — March 22, 2005

“10,000 miles from home and in a war zone I found perfection…”

If I could, I would force everyone I know -and many I don’t know- to read this post by Rusten Currie on a MilBlog called Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

…. March 16, 2005 was the single best day thus far of my time in Iraq…. We waived goodbye and headed further down the road, where we were greeted by about 8 children and their parents. The children were just an absolute joy. They made my month.

The little girl in the pics is named Adele, she was the most beautiful little girl in the world to me. Her smile just melted me, and the little guy in the pics with me was just so adorable, he walked up to me and said “Pleased to meet you mister.” He offered me his hand, and well he got the other half of my heart. A picture is worth much more than a thousand words, they are moments in time, real time.

Scoot …

Americans prefer to read the book from its ending, so here goes.

Short intro on Lieutenant C at BooMan Tribune from recent diary on Iraq.

Nickname: Lieutenant C
User ID #: 443
Country: Iraq
Homepage: currierd.typepad.com
Email: rdcurrie@comcast.net
Serving 1 year of my life in B’dad so that others might breathe free.

An Officer in Iraq
by BooMan  Sat Mar 26th, 2005

I would like to welcome Lieutenant C to the site.
He is stationed in Iraq. He has self-identified himself as a Republican, and has offered to answer questions, either here, or by email: rdcurrie@comcast.net.
Please remember he is an officer, and treat him with the utmost respect.
Ask him a question and he’ll try to respond when he has the chance. Bookmark this thread to make sure you get his responses.

Read up on the comments, questions and replies given. The diary has led to conflicts, criticism and also a lot of support expressed for US soldiers send into harm’s way by the Bush | Cheney | Rumsfeld administration. Today’s diary covers a complete new viewpoint on the ID of Lt. Rusten D. Currie.

Military.com gives one a chance to locate a buddy in the armed forces. Here is a summary of Lt. C’s profile in his own words.

Rusten D. Currie’s Profile

Rank:  O-1 Second Lieutenant
Service:  Army
Status:  National Guard

Self Description: In Military Intelligence, there is always a 10% chance
for rain even on a sunny day… I am the one in between now Admiral
Highfill, and General Humble… (Anything but Humble that is…)

Military.com Memberships         Affiliation     Years

  • 1st Battalion, 5th Marines  Active Duty     1992-1996
  • 1st/184th Infantry Regiment Active Duty     2003-2004

[A] Meet Lt Rusten D. Currie – Military Service Records

Here I will list some of his military records as can be found at Military.com – Find A Buddy.

  • 1992-1996 Marine Corps 1st Battalion 5th Marines — Grade E-4 Specialty O351
  • 2003-2004 Army National Guard and Active Duty Military Intelligence — 1st Batallion 184th Infantry — Grade O-1 Specialty MI  

I do not know the insignes on their uniforms, but Currie in the middle has different insignes on his lapel. The photo is Hi-res, so in a viewer you can easily enlarge pic to read the name tags. I could discern the following names from Left to Right — Ingham?, Bagley, Currie, Sanders, -not visible-, also in contradiction to Currie’s own words in his profile at Military.com.

1st Battalion, 5th Marines – Active Duty 1992-1996


The Marine Corps were founded on November 10, 1775 by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, and took part in the quasi-war with France and against Barbary Pirates off the “shores of Tripoli” while the service was still young. The Corps participated in many wars of the nineteenth century, including defending Washington against the British in…  More  »

1ST/184TH INFANTRY REGIMENT     2003-2004
                   “LETS GO”


The 184th Infantry Regiment traces its roots to the Civil War. The regiment has proudly served on the battlefields of France and on Pacific islands, in the streets of Los Angeles and the firelines in California. This is a tribute to all who have served in the ranks of the 184th.

Latest members to join this unit:

  • Navarro, Vhong               Supporter -
  • Lopez, Melissa C             Family Member   2002-2004
  • Schlechter, Joseph R         Veteran         1957-1959
  • Bandy, Daniel W              Active Duty     2004-2004
  • Currie, Rusten D             Active Duty     2003-2004

Listed addresses for CURRIE, Rusten D. – Age 33 –
Venice CA and in Missouri: Ballwin, Ellisville and St. Charles, all locations near Créve Coeur and in vicinity of St. Louis.

[B] A critical review of blog Pax Romana by Rusten D. Currie et al.

I found the diary on Lieutenant C – Rusten D Currie – difficult to cope with. There were from the start two possibilities —

  1. A true blog from a soldier in Iraq, I could personally not engage in a political exchange of views, as I vehimentally oppose the war from the start and the deceit and lies to the American people by the Bush | Cheney | Rumsfeld administration. I find the occupation of Iraq and the killings of 30,000 innocent Iraqi citizens dead wrong, had nothing to do with the attack of 9/11.
  2. A shill operating to stifle criticism on Iraq by hijacking a platform of democratic grass roots discussion.

Simply put, as I read the replies from Lt C, I found them offensive by nature and unnatural. His remarks where often right-wingnut, far fetched and strikt political and military PROPAGANDA. I could not engage in discussion, and left a single comment. IMHO I found the diary of Lieutenant C an insult to critical thought, mandatory in a Democracy.

I copied all the replies of Lt C into my word processor for another critical review and took a closer look at his webblog. Especially the use of Latin on the website and his Pax Romana intrigued me. So I started by questioning his Pax Romana, or building of a new empire for a 1000 yr era, similar to the Romans under emperor Augustus around 14 BC and a period of 200 years. Based on suppression of any rebellion and promotion of free trade.

Augustus — Personality and achievement

Augustus was one of the great administrative geniuses of history. The gigantic work of reorganization that he carried out in every field of Roman life and throughout the entire empire not only transformed the decaying republic into a new, monarchic regime with many centuries of life ahead of it but also created a durable Roman peace, based on easy communications and flourishing trade. It was this Pax Romana that ensured the survival and eventual transmission of the classical heritage, Greek and Roman alike, and provided the means for the diffusion of Judaism and Christianity.

Although his regime was an autocracy, Augustus, being a tactful and imaginative master of propaganda of many kinds, knew how to cloak that autocracy in traditionalist forms that would satisfy a warworn generation — perhaps, most of all, the upper bourgeoisie immediately below the leading nobility, since it was they who benefitted from the new order more than anyone. He was also able to win the approbation, through the patronage of Maecenas, of some of the greatest writers the world has ever known, including Virgil, Horace, and Livy.

Their enthusiasm was partly due to Augustus’ conviction that the Roman peace must be under Occidental, Italian control. This was in contrast to the views of Antony and Cleopatra, who had envisaged some sort of Greco-Roman partnership such as began to prevail only three or four centuries later. Augustus’ narrower view, although modified by an informed admiration of Greek civilization, was based on his small-town Italian origins. These were also partly responsible for his patriotic, antiquarian attachment to the ancient religion and for his puritanical social policy.

© Encyclopedia Brittanica

More » Reading on PAX ROMANA in Wikipedia

[C] Another website praises Rusten D. Currie with report on Falluja and Iraqi children – photo of “Iraqi girl Adele”.

Having some idea of Pax Romana and Lt Rusten D Currie, and used Google search in its combination. I soon found another website, praising the blog of Lt C – Rusten D Currie – in particular his eyewitness account on Fallujah and the latest report on the Iraq children and little Iraqi girl Adele. See photo by intro above. The fair haired boy also raises my suspicion as to where photo was taken, but I didn’t succeed realizing it would be looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Googling for Images on “Iraqi girl” I found mostly severely bruised and injured Iraqi children, not the beautiful and smiling Adele of Lt C. No wonder Lt C in his replies made sure to bash all media on Iraq reporting.

[D] WhoIs Eldridge Currie on Internet and Pax Romana in March 9, 2003 – lead-up to Iraqi war

In GROUPS I Googled for currie and pax romana and found a thread in 2003 started by Eldridge Currie on subject: Greatest Terrorist Nation. His Email name was hidden by @cryptomail.org. Reading this discussion, the matter included the US Empire and Pax Romana. I pasted the thread in my word processor and cleaned it up so it could be read more easily.

WhoIs Eldridge Currie, I found one more mention in 1998, a discussion on Internet software development. His name was referenced to etcurrie@bigfoot.com and did some DNS – WhoIs tracking. Eldridge Currie is most likely an established person on the Internet, not connected to Rusten D Currie, but does provide a nice cover for a shill operation.

The exchange in March 2003 on thread is interesting though, as it seems the discussion was started by Eldridge Currie with an opposing view, IMO just to put the topic Greatest Terrorist Nation on agenda for discussion. Currie left it by opening statement and did not engage, unless through an alias. I recall that JG|JG used a double alias to have a discussion started on FR.

Later I found a comment that the use of name Eldridge Currie was likely identity theft.  See Post #2 – Eldridge Currie = Abu Musa Ali by Post Analysis Centre.


Rusten D. Currie is another shill reporter, similar to JG|JG and Bryan Suits, see dKos diary on PsyOps by LondonYank. Currie either still works for DoD Military Intelligence in Iraq, or is back in the US sitting behind a desk. He could also be employed, since leaving active duty, by one of the many GOP affiliated organisations who are receiving lots of state and federal money through grants, subsidies, tax breaks, “contracts” from Homeland Security or Commerce department – religion hand-outs – by the Bush | Cheney administration.

See my recent diary and references to more dKos diaries.

If Rusten D. Currie does live in St. Charles MO, he may even be employed by SBVT sponsor and backer Wiliam Franke, Founder, President and CEO of GANNON International of Créve Coeur MO, just next door.

A true picture of Iraqi US Marine Operations can be found on the official website:
2/5, 1/5 Civil Affairs Groups [CAG]work together.
Submitted by: 2nd Marine Division
Story Identification #: 200538112230
Story by Cpl. Tom Sloan


I thought I had finished diary, but after looking at some of the Google Images as linked above under alinea [3], I stumbled across a US Operation called:
Operation Iraqi Children [OIC]
LINK: Unit Pages » Operation Iraqi Freedom » Operation Iraqi Children.

Gary Sinise – LT Dan in Forrest Gump – is doing great things in Iraq in support of OIC

Check it out yourself, see some familiar features compared to the intro photo of “Iraqi girl”.

As back-up website – Archive.org – Operation Iraqi Children

Oui – Liberté – Egalité – Fraternité

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