We are proud to name Richard Morrison the first Frontier Democrat of the 2006 cycle.  We’re also pleased to announce the launch of FrontierPAC.org and to introduce ourselves to the netroots at large.

Frontier PAC exists to help Democrats win in new geographic and demographic territory, and we know the netroots are going to be a huge part of that.  We support strong, populist candidates who won’t miss an opportunity to extoll their Democratic values in building a new electoral majority in states like Montana, New Mexico, and Colorado.  We are also set to embark upon a unique, positive branding campaign to establish Democratic principles and messages in new “markets.”

Are central values are Integrity, Independence, and Reform, and we fight for candidates who stand up for American families, even when it means standing up to multinational corporations.

We started Frontier PAC over the course of the last month or so, always with an eye toward today as the day that things will really take shape.  We’ve launched the website, so you can check our blog, or read our red-meat issue positions on energy independence, abortion, civil liberties, or Wal-Mart.

We’ll be announcing a major national initiative to elect Richard Morrison soon, so stay tuned.  


But here’s the bottom line: we want the netroots–in as broad a sense as that term can be interpreted–to have real ownership over Frontier PAC right now, so we’re looking for guest bloggers.  If you’re a Western-state blogger, or if you just share our values, send us a note.  The good campaigns always take material from bloggers anyway, at least we’re askin’.

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