I just got off yahoo chat with my friend in Iraq, Intellectual Diva, and she was very excited that some of you folks read her blog:

She has just added a new article today so please go and read it.   This time its about suicide bombers, and what makes them tick, pardon the pun, and I really mean that, but it’s a true word to use so I used it.
Here is a little excerpt of her article:
“”””Kids! Who Wants to Go to Heaven Tonight?!?!
From much of what my American friends say I realize that they are not well informed not only about how things are going in Iraq as far as politics is concerned but also they lack the necessary insights that are sure to produce sound analyses of current issues. Some remarks might be even as simply-put as “how could these groups, Islamic or not, endanger the lives of innocent children just thinking that suicide bombers are going straight to heaven???!!!”
The belief that suicide bombing is a sacred practice, namely “Jihad” springs from the belief that God will soon take care of suicide bombers and reward their honorable deeds, which is fighting foreign invasive forces on their homeland. This promise keeps even the bombers’ parents and loved ones with a deep and overwhelming sense of joy and pride that funerals are more of a celebration that a mourning ceremony; a celebration where loud music is played and fine food is served and the word “congratulations!” is heard echoing in the air.
One recent explosion was later confirmed to have been carried out by a Jordanian “Mujahid”, i.e., one who practices Jihad. His family, friends and fellow-countrymen back in Jordan received the news of their son’s death with cheers and dances and loud music. There was a joyous party instead of a gloomy funeral! They appeared on national televisions worldwide blessing their hero and confirm that God will send him straight to heaven as if they have received a confirm – your – subscription e-mail from God that made them so sure about what they’re saying!”””

Today I told her about this site (Booman)and she has book marked it to check later and I told her we wanted her to join, and she said she may when she goes to Kuwait, next week; she is leaving on Thurs, and I hope you will all join me in prayers for her safe trip.
When I told her that we even discuss books at times, she was really excited about that, so I hope you will add your invitation here for her to join and post on this site. Thanks.

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