Very full exposure was given yesterday to a device given to him by his daughters. If used properly, this could induce him to commit suicide or become incapable.
We now know that Dubya has been given an I-pod by his kids (whether Queen Elizabeth has been given a We-pod has not been revealed). Used properly this could induce Dubya to commit suicide or become incapable by hitting the bottle (again).

The theory goes back to 1992 when Stack and Gundlach published a paper on the effect of country music on the incidence of suicide.

This demonstrated that the suicide rate is considerably more in areas where country music is popular. This seemed to be a result of the lyrics concentrating on the breakdown of relationships, drink and violence and the prevailing gun culture in those areas.

The paper was disputed at the time by country music radio stations and the producers. What did happen however was that lyrics became much lighter and the genre moved towards more popular themes.

Now a song has been issued that has all of the factors that seem to lead to suicide. “Whiskey Lullaby” has a broken relationship, drink and depression leading to the gun suicide of the “hero”. In turn this leads to guilt, depression and suicide in his lover.

Stack and Gunlach are busy correlating those areas where the song has its highest plays and the incidence of suicide. Unfortunately this work will take possibly 5 years to produce results but if we could get the White House to turn on Dubya to Brad Paisley’s music…….

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