Social Justice Sunday…Fundraiser

Quoted from a diary by George Lakoff (I added the fundraising part):

The right-wing frame is now complete and Bill Frist has signed on with Tom DeLay: “The filibuster was once abused to protect racial bias, and it is now used against people of faith.” This is not just the nuclear option; it is the thermonuclear option. The implicit claim is that every religious person is a right-wing conservative. Filibustering against horrendous right-wing judges is repudiating all believers in every religion – and being racist to boot.  The national campaign is on. Sunday April 24 is booked for national TV at a Kentucky megachurch and called “Justice Sunday.”

We must respond. We will call April 24 “Social Justice Sunday.” We must show that spiritual progressives are alive and well and willing not just to speak out, but to shout out. The Clergy and Laity Network and are leading the effort.

This is great but I think we need to take this even one step further.

This day should be used also to recruit activist and FUNDRAISE on a MASSIVE SCALE.

I can’t help but think that this is a HUGE GOP DISTRACTION meant for us to use up a lot of our resources (i.e. money and energy) before for the 2006 campaigns… kinda like how we were sidetracked into wasting a hell of a lot of money fighting Arnold in 2003 instead of just dumping Gray Davis…it is time for the Democrats to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER

Turn the tables …use the enemies strenths to strengthen our strengths.

Make this SOCIAL JUSTICE SUNDAY FUNDRAISER to help end Right Wing tyrannny.

Let’s start OPERATION CONSTITUTION TROLL on April 24 with a bang

….turn the GOP wingnuts into trolls like we did on Blog for America… everytime a troll came on and said something stupid we would donate more money to Dean’s bat.

We need A CONSTITUTION TROLL BAT or bat of Social Justice… call it whatever…there are more clever people than myself around the blogs….then  everytime after when the wingnuts do something fascist- like we “hit the bat”

This can be done by the DNC or even better by linking as many blogs together as possible…like it was done for “THere is No Crisis”  

We need to do this on the national level… everytime Frist, Delay or any other LAWMAKER who publically denounces the Constitution … we should give 10 bucks and/or get another person to sign up as an activists.

… and Dean desperately could use the money to build up all 50 state Dem parties…

This is just a suggestion… but it can harness all that frustration out there and fill our coffers at the same time.

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