When I read this letter to the editor in our local paper (the Kirksville Daily Express), I couldn’t help but pass it on.  It’s people like this who, I believe, could be crucial to the Democrats’ chances to pick up Senate seats and electoral votes in Middle America.  If they are already voting Democratic, we could lose them unless we tone down the extreme abortion rhetoric.  Likewise, if they are voting Republican, they are ripe for the picking if we reach out to them, due to their dissatisfaction with GOP policies in other areas.

[Rather than type “(sic)” over and over, I’ll just point out that the odd lack of capitalisation of “Social Security” is preserved from the original, as are all other grammar and usage choices.]

Dear Editor,
  It’s not social security that needs fixing; instead it’s our political system.  Social security was started by a wise president, F.D. Roosevelt, who wanted to help people with their retirement.  However, our greedy politicians, in order to help balance a budget often full of pork, started dipping into this fund and putting I.O.U.s back into it.
  No wonder social security is going broke!
  If Congress would put social security in a lock-box fund for social security purposes only, the fund would build itself up and keep going.  Congress then would have to use our tax money more wisely by cutting out wastes like many people feel this war with Iraq was, the money wasted in space, raises for Congress, etc.
  In the first place, putting money into private accounts would not solve the problem.  Instead, it would only make the problem worse in the long run.  Congress needs to study this problem very carefully before they ruin a good system.  Some of the causes are the fact that millions of babies killed by legalized abortion have kept them from paying into the system.  Also, sending jobs overseas has hurt the system.  
  President Bush, being from a wealthy family, doesn’t know what it is to gamble with your retirement money!  I feel it would be better to raise the cap on social security withholding or use money from other sources than to privatize social security.
  Louis J. Anesi

Now, I don’t agree with this guy about everything (the war, of course; and I do support the right to first trimester abortion).  But I did think it might interest some to see the perspective of an (almost certainly) older gent who most likely has never been to a blog, and who opposes abortion but who otherwise sounds like a textbook Democrat.

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