Make Lemonade.  That’s what Allawi’s Security Clowns (also known as the Iraqi Security Services) appear to be doing about the fraudulent and breathless claims of mass kidnappings by Sunni militants which turned out not to be true once troops were actually dispatched to the town of Madain.  

Apparently taking lessons from the Bush Administration, Allawi and his security clowns don’t appear to be climbing down off the fence of loonytude.  Now they (with considerable help from us) are pimping this operation as an anti-insurgency success story:

The U.S. military, whose forces only stood by in case they were needed, called the operation in Madain a significant step forward in the training of Iraqi forces, which is key to America’s exit strategy in the 2-year-old war.

“The city is now under full control,” interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi’s office said, adding that 10 suspected insurgents were arrested and large amounts of weapons seized.

It must have been difficult, wresting control of the city from terrorists who appear to be slightly more substantial than Casper the Friendly Ghost.  Still, rounding up all these tea drinking terrorists…at least it’s a start.  Perhaps next they can work their way up to combatting all us latte-sipping liberals:

The cameraman said he toured the town Sunday morning. People were going about their business normally, shops were open and tea houses were full, he said. Residents contacted by telephone also said everything was normal in Madain.

At least everything was normal in Madain.

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