I thought it might be good idea to have a computer discussion diary.  Someone had one on DK months ago and it seems a lot of people had questions or problems with some phase of computers and blogging.

So ask your questions, offer your advice or tips, tell us what system you are running,why you like it, etc. People on this site are awfully helpful so now is your chance.

I have a 4 year old Compaq Pentium 3, windows Me., 255 rams, and a high speed cable internet connection.  I wish I had XP and double the rams, but everything runs pretty good with what I have.
I have had to do a full restore at least 5 times, but it sure does fix a lot of built up problems.
I use 3 browsers, Explorer (hardly ever use), Mozilla I use for some functions, but my favorite browser is Opera and I recommend it highly.  Many excellent features not found on other browsers, so I urge you to check it out.

I also rec.  Picasa2  which is a great Photo program.

Picture Trail is a good, and also free photo hosting site, which you can use to upload pics to which can then be posted here and other places on the web.

So lets hear your tips, questions, systems, hints, advice, etc.
What you like, what has worked, etc.

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