This is what the Republican Party under Dear Leader has in store for us.

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This might be the biggest cult outside of the White House compound!

From the Associated Press:

The gentleman, who was 67, must have been a preacher, it was rumored, for he often could be seen strolling about his new yard in a funereal suit and necktie, even on the muggiest of summer days, with a countenance of serenity and beneficence that could belong only to a servant of the Lord.

But there was something disquieting about this man, too, something inexplicable that made his neighbors uneasy whenever he greeted them by politely touching the brim of his fedora.


Finally, a few longtime residents approached these newcomers. What, they asked them, was so special about their little corner of the universe to merit such offers?

The answer they got was this:

Lake City was the Promised Land. It was holy ground for the world’s true Christians – meaning the lucky few whom Meade had chosen to follow the teachings of his End Time Ministry.

They had come to establish God’s perfect community on Earth, to prepare for Armageddon, which, their leader had warned them, was imminent. Those who followed Meade would be saved. Unbelievers would be banished to eternal damnation.

Why, though, should anyone believe him?

Meade had told them he’d walked with God along the Milky Way and heard the Lord’s very word.

I love the Lord too, but if he sends me a message that involves joining people inside a compound encircled by razor wire to keep me in and others out, I’m going to have some serious questions about whether I heard him correctly.

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