Poor Bill Frist! He’s given business some of what it wants: the bankruptcy and class action lawsuit bills. But business wants more! Now the other group that gave the GOP its victories — the evangelicals — want theirs too! James Dobson pouts: “For four years [GOP leaders] did nothing. They hardly even talked about the things that matter to us … they need to get on with it.”

Reports The Los Angeles Times, reprinted in The Seattle Times:

The country’s leading business lobbying associations, close GOP allies in recent legislative efforts and political campaigns, have told senior Republicans that they will not back the Frist initiative to force votes on judicial candidates.

Business leaders say they fear the move would shut down Senate action on their long-awaited priorities — as Democrats have threatened to do …

“If we do that, then all else is going to stop,” said Thomas Donohue, head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, during a meeting with reporters Friday.

Scary photo below! And some good news!
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— From the Family Research Council

The Good News:

  • “Party officials concede the tension between business leaders and social conservatives could foreshadow problems for Republican candidates in 2006 and 2008.”
  • “Every day that this does not get resolved there could be increased tension or pressure put on the situation,” said one GOP strategist, who requested anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the rift. “Depending on how artfully or in-artfully this is resolved, there is some fence mending that needs to be done.”
  • “[I]nternal GOP polling presented late last week to Senate staffers revealed that 51 percent of registered voters oppose the idea of changing the rules — compared to 37 percent who back it.” – LA Times/Seattle Times
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