Somone e-mailed this to the Democracy for Washington list:

Here’s how you can take part in the April 24 Justice Sunday Simulcast event:

1. Watch via live webcast

Click this link for more information on how to participate via webcast:

Update [2005-4-24 10:6:42 by susanhbu]: It airs LIVE April 24, 2005  7-8:30pm ET.

2. Watch the live simulcast via SkyAngel (no charge for SkyAngel subscribers)

Angel 2 – Channel 9702
Sunday APRIL 24, 2005, 7PM-8:30PM EST

If you already subscribe to SkyAngel then you are all set. If you have Dish Network equipment, you can subscribe to one month of SkyAngel programming and watch this along with other SkyAngel programming for the month.

Cost: $11.99 (Dish Network equipment not included)

Call 1-888/759-2643 (SkyAngel) to sign up or get more info or visit SkyAngel’s website:

3. To find a host church near you, visit the link below:

Thank you and God bless.

Family Research Council

FRC link
$11.99? Over my dead body!  But we can try the others — might be good to watch it rather than rely only on news reports.  

Who has the STOMACH for this?!

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