Do you have Teflon-coated pans, utensils and appliances?

Perfluorooctanoic acid, otherwise known as PFOA or C8, is used in the production of non-stick coating for pots, pans and other items. PFOA itself has been shown to cause cancer and other health problems in animals, and is suspected of causing birth defects in children.

DuPont has disclosed “that it has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in fines or to settle lawsuits related to PFOA,” but shareholders are demanding more transparency. More below, including the peanut farmers’ victory against Dow Chemical:
Here’s an example of a group of shareholders who have bought shares, joined as a group, and put pressure on a major corporation:

The coalition, called the DuPont Shareholders for Fair Value (DSFV), together owns 28,000 shares of stock in the company. It includes the Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union (PACE); United Steelworkers of America; the Sisters of Mercy Merion Regional Community in Merion, PA; Green Century Capital Management in Boston; and DuPont employee John D. Kimmerle of Kenmore, NY.

DuPont Shareholders for Fair Value wants a public accounting of all related expenses DuPont’s management has incurred since 1981, including the costs of experts, lawyers, public relations and remediation.

“While DuPont has disclosed some information, we believe more transparency of the costs associated with the company‚Äôs use of PFOA would promote sound corporate governance,” reads the resolution that shareholders will be asked to support when they meet Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware.

DuPont is currently the only US manufacturer of C8.


I’ll give you one chance to name who dissented . . .

Court: Farmers Can Sue Pesticide Makers (AP)

The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that 29 peanut farmers in Texas can proceed with their lawsuit against Dow Agrosciences after the chemical giant’s weed killer unexpectedly destroyed their crops.

The ruling reinstates the farmers’ claim that Dow essentially failed to warn of possible risks. A lower court had dismissed the claims, reasoning that federal law barred states from imposing labeling requirements on pesticides and herbicides other than those set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

But in an opinion by Justice John Paul Stevens, the court ordered the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to take a second look at the case.


In a separate opinion, Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia agreed that the lower court should take a second look. However, they suggested the peanut farmers will fail again upon further review unless they do a better job of stating how their claims don’t relate to federal labeling requirements.

Dow’s appeal had drawn the support of several industry groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Bush administration, who argued they would be unfairly exposed to additional lawsuits if the peanut farmers prevailed.

“Pesticide manufacturers would be subject to multiple and inconsistent labeling regimes and would be forced to abandon or alter EPA-approved labels to avoid liability,” acting Solicitor General Paul Clement wrote in filings.

Dow Agrosciences LLC is a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co. In trading on Wednesday, Dow Chemical shares fell 70 cents to close at $44.77 on the New York Stock Exchange. …

Poor Dow Chemical.

Damn activist judges! We need reform in the courts! I bet that commie Justice Stevens looked up his opinion sources on the INTERNETS!

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