Title says it all.  I listened to another 15 minutes of poison from El Idiot Supreme today and was surprised to hear him reading from DailyKos.

He was reading a piece from the woman that will be testifying before Congress, I guess, on Bolton’s nomination as UN Ambassador.

Rush said he was reading LGF (no really?!) and got the link to Daily Kos which was good entertainment, full of wackos just as crazy as Democratic Underground.

Update [2005-4-28 4:28:22 by pyrrho]: here is the link to the diary, Rush read the letter to daily kos users the diary presents. You can’t use that right now because dkos is down for maintenance.
Isn’t that <s>grand</s&gt <s>strange</s&gt something else?

I don’t have a link to the diary, but I would love to read it, I was too lazy to search and it didn’t seem to still be recommended if it had been.

The woman in question (I’ve not followed the Bolton thing closely) was admitting she was caught plagiarizing when she was 22, some 20 years ago… before the Republicans drug it out.

At least, assuming Rush really did read it verbatim as he represented.

You might say… why listen to Rush?  He’s poison!

But as Nietzsche said, I paraphrase, “A little poison now and then makes for pleasant dreams, a little poison in the end, a pleasant death.”  Maybe that’s not a good reason actually.

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