So Bush has finally admitted what he has been up to all along: he plans to cut Social Security benefits. I say: Keep your cotton pickin’hands off the social insurance policy I have been paying on my whole working life!!.
It isn’t broken, and its the best program going. If someone wants to do something to protect it, raise or eliminate the upper cap…”problem” solved.

I quote today’s Talking Points Memo: (below)

“Social Security’s support of the poorest Americans is a critical part of what it accomplishes. But Social Security is not poor relief. That is only what the president wants to make it — in part because, once it is, it is far easier to cut further, since it has no organized political constituency.

Social Security is the sheet anchor of the modern American middle class. It’s why working Americans can approach retirement with an assurance of security and a modicum of leisure. It stimulates economic vitality by creating a floor of security that facilitates economic risk-taking in investment and business. It’s why parents don’t have to shortchange investment in children’s education by supporting parents in their old age. It provides economic security to families hit by catastrophe and misfortune in mid-life. As I said, it’s the sheet anchor of what we’ve come to know in the last century as middle class life”.
— Josh Marshall

Last night Bush touched the 3rd rail…let’s make the sparks fly!!

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