What will you, the average citizen, create 3.3 tons of in your lifetime? (No, silly. Not that.)

Tonight, for HBO subscribers, there’s Bill Maher at 11PM. Bill’s guests include a fellow who was absent from last night’s press conference (who’s that?), and Sen. Charles Schumer, actor Martin Short, Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, and writer Farai Chideya.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTonight on PBS’s NOW (check local schedules), Haj Ali, the former mayor of Iraq’s Al Madifai district, who is certain he is the “man in the hood.”

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You guessed it: Jeff Gannon, a “web blogger,” is on Bill Maher’s show tonight with Chuck Schumer, Martin Short and the rest.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usOver three tons: “The WEEE Man is made from the amount of waste electrical and electronic products (including televisions, VCRs, etc.) that an average UK citizen – YOU – will throw away in YOUR lifetime, if YOU carry on disposing of products at the current rate. Currently most of these products go straight into landfill. From January 2006 manufactures & retailers will be responsible for recycling this waste under new EU legislation called the WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Directive.” What we can do about it. (Click on the image to see it enlarged.)


If you’re really a masochist, take this test. (I refuse to reveal my score.)


From the Vanity Fair article on tonight’s guest on PBS’s NOW:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOne night as he was praying, Haj Ali was taken hooded by Graner and led to another room. “I felt there were 8 or 10 people standing around,” he says. He was then made to stand on a food box and lift his hands, as electrical wires were clipped between his fingers. “They would give me electric shocks. I could feel the pulses going even into my eyeballs. I would collapse and faint.” Upon each collapse, the guards would kick and hit Haj Ali with boots and sticks, saying, “Get up! Get up!” He believes he was shocked five times.

In other words, the electrical shock was not — as claimed — “simulated.”

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