This government is much more interested in its party line than in its citizens.  And it is intransigent, belligerent and hateful.  It is a government too far.  

Three quotes from the right wing I ran across googling “compromise tactics” for a different article:

“There are those in the gun movement who call out for pragmatism, bipartisan cooperation and dialogue with our opposition. It has been tried for decades and what has been our reward? Lost ground. Retreat. A few crumbs from the table …
“We should all concentrate on regaining the ground we have lost and begin by not giving another fraction of an inch. For those of us at Gun Owners of America, retreat is over.”

Well, sounds like talking will be done down the barrel of a gun.
Another one not giving an inch is Tennessee Senator Bill Frist.

After his party stopped dozens of Clinton judges from being appointed, Frist is unwilling to accept the Democrats’ compromise to stop only a handful of Bush appointees, in return for Republicans leaving filibuster rules unchanged:

“I sincerely hope the Senate minority does not intend to escalate its judicial obstruction to potential Supreme Court nominees …

“Senators who have denied votes on judicial nominees are concerned that their ability to block bills will be curbed. As Majority Leader, I guarantee that power will be protected.”

Two things about that last sentence, Mr. Frist:  It is incredibly egotistical.  Read it as a stand-alone sentence and you guarantee power will be protected.  You guarantee only that you think you are the source of power.

Another view on judges from Cleveland attorney Peter Kirsanow reveals the true right-wing agenda here:

“Two sitting Supreme Court justices are in their 80s; two are in their 70s. Retirement naturally beckons. There could be as many as four high-Court vacancies in the next few years. Nuclear winter fast approaches the Left.”

Nuclear Winter?!!?  This is what you wish on Americans who have different opinions than yours?  And not just the left wing–the center, too–for all would be under the thumb of your party line.  For as long as those judges live.

Kirsanow is a presidential appointee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  No Senate confirmation was required for him.  In January this year, the Commission’s website policy was changed, and minority reports were removed from the site and are available only on request.  So much for protection of the minority’s civil rights.  Among the documents removed: The Civil Rights Record of the George W. Bush Administration (September 2004)

I consider myself a progressive Democrat with Libertarian leanings, and a fiscal conservative.  This government has broken the budget with record deficits, and is headed to breaking the bank.  It is taking away my personal freedoms with suppression of individual liberty while ignoring blatant threats to national security.  It is trying to appoint judges for life to rule over the American people, and it is willing to establish a tyranny of the majority to do so.

It is a government too far.

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