I just wanted to let everybody know that the “We’ve Got Dean’s Back Campaign” is alive and kicking. I setup a donations page called We’ve got Dean’s back last Wednesday there have been 134 contributors and $3,457.01 collected so far.  As you may also know, glynis has set up a Dean speaks for me petition.  Special thanks goes to sgilman for posting the diary here on Booman Tribune.

I just want to inform you that there are also other donation pages set up. ACTBLUE has a donations page that was setup last February by Kos to show our support for Howard Dean as the DNC party chairman.  In the last several days, they have had 12 contributors donate $321.07.  Atrios also has a donations page setup right here.

If you are tapped for money, please sign on the petition lised above. If not, please send a small contribution on payday to one of the above links.

I am working with ACTBLUE to get a donations page setup with a bat.  I would like to get something more sophisticated setup like a “Dunk a Dope” page where we can choose an idiot of our choice and have Howard Dean hit a dunking machine target and have the idiot fall into the water.  It would be fun and non-violent and the money would go to a great cause.

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