Have you guys ever perused those photo essays (propaganda) that they post on the White House website? While they’re infuriating, they are a great source of material to photoshop… I figure I’m a taxpayer and if they want to spread government propaganda, I ought to be able to take it and use it as I see fit… well, anyways, that’s going to be my story if I ever have to go to trial.

Anyhow, an awful lot of people have had a specific request that I diary “The Bush Administration Frog Walk”, so I spent a little time on it this weekend. I decided to present it in the form of a kind of “Photo Essay Retrospective”; maybe a piece that you might one day read in a future issue of “Life” or something. One of the main reasons that I signed on at Daily Kos, BooMan Tribune, and Euro Tribune was to improve my writing and typing skills, so I’d appreciate your feedback.

As usual, I appreciate everyone’s grudging tolerance for fiction and satire. I don’t generally ever request to be recommended, but if you think this is worthwhile and entertaining, please do, so that everybody can see it, and I can get the most feedback. As usual, feel free to use or disseminate anything I’ve done to your hearts desire…

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“The Last Round-Up”

06/15/2010 Washington  (FNN) by Michael Foxx  

After the world economic collapse and ensuing depression of 2007, America seems to be finally recovering some of its footing and purpose as a nation three years later. However, the damage that has been done is devastating and will require generations to repair and rebuild. In this first part of a series, Future News Network examines some of the key people responsible for this disaster five years ago, and where they are now.

Many knowledgeable people still debate what some of the main causes for America’s collapse were. Some credit the Democratic walkout from congress in the fall of 2005, over the controversy of pushing forward legislation to reinstate a military draft to shore up support for the failing occupation of Iraq. By the time that the last official American contingent left last year, the Iraq war was responsible for the deaths of over 5000 American servicemen, and the estimates range between 100,000 and 500,000 Iraqis.

Others credit the whole policy of historical revisionism by neo-conservatives which resulted in attempts to pursue world domination through pre-emptive aggression as well as enforced revisiting of the failed theories of “Trickle-Down Economics” from the Reagan era. Others still ascribe blame to the Bush family and affiliated corporations in conjunction with Saudi Royals for “gaming” the Oil Peak issue for profit.

Perhaps the most controversial theory of all is the exposure of the so-called “Kool-Aid Papers”. This being the eventual leaking of top secret government studies examining the effects of selenium, mercury, and other heavy metal contaminants in ground water, and the resultant docility and suggestibility of the central nervous system when the subject is exposed to microwave and other radio frequencies. The Bush administration was subsequently exposed as having aggressively silenced these findings for over six years, and many have since called to question the environmental policies enacted by them that increased the levels of these pollutants allowed. The purified bottled water industry has been the only to succeed and grow in America since the great collapse.

It is perhaps a combination of factors, but the end result was catastrophe for America and the world, with profit for but a few. This story recounts the men and women of the Bush Administration who were ultimately responsible and their journey to justice.

Former President George W. Bush turns out to be perhaps the most honorable of the group. After being driven from office in the last year of his term, he quietly and publicly retired to his ranch in Crawford, Texas. While he has never admitted to culpability to any of the charges presented by America and the world he has overall remained cooperative while fighting international extradition. Early this year, he was informed by President Clinton that she would be acceding to economic pressure brought by the Chinese and he would be handed over for trial. Ironically he will be tried by the court systems of the tumultuous and divided Iraq to which he insists that he brought freedom. His plight is not without the support of a very slight minority of Iraqis who are thankful for American intervention. The trial will likely begin this fall, and authorities have stated that the death penalty will, in all democratic fairness, be an option.

Exactly five years to the day, after the prior conviction of Saddam Husein, George W. Bush is escorted into an Iraqi courtroom to face charges of war crimes.  He passes through the very doors of the courtroom in which Hussein was subsequently found guilty and later executed.

Supporters of President Bush and Ahseem Talialot the third American backed president of Iraq to be assassinated in as many years hold vigil outside an Iraqi courthouse.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney immediately went undercover after the fall of the administration, surfacing occasionally to give subpoenaed testimony in regards to his dealings with the now dissolved Halliburton Corporation. Halliburton and subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root were accused, in a special congressional investigation two years ago of war profiteering through no-bid contracts, which were later proven to be authorized by Vice President Cheney. America was stunned, as within weeks after convening the hearings, Halliburton dissolved overnight in an Enron-like fashion leaving small investors and employees penniless. Mr. Cheney vanished at that time, and many angry shareholders assumed that he had left the country.  Serendipitously, Mr. Cheney was recognized by an observant police officer during a routine traffic stop two months ago in Hilton Head, SC, and arrested. He had apparently been living in sanctuary provided by a local White Supremacist militia. President Clinton stated last week that her administration will try to press the case to have Mr. Cheney stand trial in America for his role in the Halliburton scandal, but admits that they may have little choice but to acquiesce to economic pressure from the Chinese and have him turned over to Iraq for trial as a war criminal.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, as he was arrested outside Hilton Head, SC. He was charged initially with driving while intoxicated, exceeding safe limits, reckless endangerment, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Donald Rumsfeld, the former secretary of defense, like his boss, President Bush, chose an honorable course as well. After the collapse of the country and the Bush administration, he chose to return to a Conservative think tank in Washington, DC. He remained there until its collapse with the fall of Halliburton, and then attempted to start one of his own with funding from millionaire Rupert Murdoch. In conjunction with a senate investigation spearheaded by Senator Obama, he was later arrested, tried and convicted for his role in the abuses at the infamous terrorist prisons at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. Currently, he is serving a life sentence and working on an Autobiography entitled, “I Couldn’t Resign”.

Donald Rumsfeld, being lead away by police from his Arlington, Virginia think tank two years ago.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice maintained a relatively low profile after removal from office along with the rest of the administration. She shied away from politics as well as academia, refusing both professorships as well as requests to consider running and challenging President Clinton in the fall of 2008. She elected instead to spend political capital and take a chance on the talk radio, television, and book circuit by teaming up with conservative columnist and author Ann Coulter. The partnership was short lived, however, as at a public appearance in Tempe, Arizona, the two erupted into a fist fight that persisted for ten minutes on stage as publicists attempted to break it up. Ms Rice apparently was responding to a comment from Ms Coulter in regards to African- American work ethic and the history of slavery in America. Ms Coulter was beaten severely, requiring hospitalization, and ultimately brought charges and a lawsuit against Ms Rice successfully.  Afterwards, Ms Rice was rendered financially destitute and retired to a former home in Birmingham, Alabama where she remains reclusive to this day. Her name surfaced in the Obama hearings in regards to fraudulent conduct in the run up to the Iraq War, but no charges ever materialized.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice being taken into custody in Tempe, Arizona.

Alberto Gonzales, former Attorney General under Bush immediately fled the country to the Philippines upon the fall of the Bush administration. He then lived there for three years under the assumed name of Jose’ Schmoe. Ironically, the choice of aliases was his ultimate downfall as the name was apparently the alias of a Basque Separatist wanted throughout Europe. After an extended legal battle over deportation, Mr. Gonzales was returned to America, where he awaits trial for his role in the promotion of torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, aka Jose’ Schmoe, being taken into custody by Philippine police.

Perhaps the most bizarre story of all belongs to former Bush Special Presidential Advisor Karl Rove, affectionately referred to as “turd blossom” by Mr. Bush. Mr. Rove has been credited with single-handedly electing current President Hilary Clinton through a dirty trick which backfired in the summer of 2005. He attempted to plant a rumor through other connections that Mrs. Clinton had been raped by former President Clinton, which resulted in their daughter Chelsea. The growing outrage over the incident led to a groundswell of support for Mrs. Clinton, who was swept into office in 2008 by a landslide margin. This, in and of itself, was not what resulted in Mr. Rove’s dismissal. He was let go by the White House shortly after the President’s approval ratings dipped below 30% in the winter of 2005. Mr. Rove made an attempt afterwards at parlaying his marketing skills in promoting the health benefits of depleted uranium for the government, but was largely unsuccessful. Ever the one for trying to create power, he switched party affiliations for the election cycle in 2008, working ostensibly for a first time Democratic US Senate challenger from Virginia, who was subsequently defeated. Shortly thereafter a handful of memos surfaced that linked Mr. Rove to the controversial outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Mr. Rove was subsequently tried and convicted for exposing Mrs. Plame and is currently serving twenty years in a Federal Penitentiary. The origins of the memos have only ever been traced as far as Charleston, SC, and at that point the trail runs cold. Mr. Rove has always maintained his innocence, but refuses to extrapolate further upon who the guilty party may be.

Karl Rove, being arrested just outside of his Washington, DC consulting firm.

As for the remainder of the men and women on duty during the collapse of America, much mystery still remains. The death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell under relatively suspicious circumstances remains fertile grounds for conspiracy theorists. America can rest assured however, that justice will prevail slowly but surely at some point.

Next in the continuing series on America’s Collapse… “Red State Fallout”

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