Ok..I received this email today…I copied some of it…It is from someone that I knew about 12 years ago’s Mother (the mother is probably about 48 and lives near St. Louis.) I worked with this womans daughter on a show for about 3 months. I haven’t seen or spoken to these people since. I have no idea how she even got my email (but as you will read..she, alone, needed to send it to 1000 people.) They have no idea what my life style/ religion is…They basically know nothing about me. I guess Dobson’s troops are getting stronger by the day. Mass emailing their own grass roots organization. These people are really trying to make America a Christian Nation. I just cannot believe the scare tactics they use with unintelligent people in middle America. (The following is part of the letter)  

type in your name, then send to everybody you know.
> > >    Dr. Dobson is going on CNBC to urge every Christian to get
> > >   I hope you will think about signing this and  forwarding to all your
> > >family and friends.
> > >
> > >    Dr. James Dobson, with Focus on the Family, pleads for our  action.
> > >   An organization has been granted a Federal Hearing  onthe same
> >by
> > >the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in  Washington, DC.
> > >   Their petition, Number 2493, would  ultimately pave the way to stop
> >the
> > >reading of the gospel of our Lord  and Savior, on the airwaves of
> >America.
> > >They have 287,000 signatures to  back their stand! If this attempt is
> > >successful, all Sunday worship  services being broadcast on the radio
> >by
> > >television will be  stopped.
> > >
> > >   This group is also campaigning to remove  all Christmas programs and
> > >Christmas carols from public schools! You as  a Christian can help!
> > >   We are praying for at least 1 million  signatures. This would defeat
> > >their effort and show that there are many  Christians alive, well and
> > >concerned about our country. As Christians we  must unite on this.
> > >don’t take this lightly. We ignored one lady  once and lost prayer in
> > >schools and in offices across the nation.  Please stand up for your
> > >religious freedom and let your voice be  heard.
> > >
> > >   Together we can make a difference in our  country.
> > >
> > >   Please press “forward,” CLEAN UP THE  MESSAGE (delete prior email
> > >addresses), and forward this to everyone you  think should read this.
> >Now,
> > >please sign your name at the bottom (you  can only add your name after
> >you
> > >have pressed “Forward” OR cut and paste  the text). Don’t  delete any
> >other
> > >names, just go to the next  number and type your name. Please do not
> > >jointly, such as Mr. &  Mrs. Each person should sign his/her own name.
> > >Please defeat this  organization and keep the right of our freedom of
> > >religion. When you get  to 1,000 names on this list, please e-mail back
> >to:

My Response:

Please don’t ever send me shit like this ever again. James Dobson is one of the most hateful, evil men to walk the earth. Please research him and his organisation….take a look at how he feels about gay rights/civil rights and many other issues that are important for American. He constantly wants to change or break laws so we can be ruled by his religion and his church. Hilter had similar beliefs. I believe in separation of Church and State…which is written into the Constitution of the United States. I have a God that I pray to and I am not interested in Dobson trying to make all Americans pray to his God. He is a pathetic human Being.  I have spent the last year working to bring down Bill Frist, Tom DeLay and the other Republican Puppets of Dobsons and his bullshit hateful group Focus on the Family. This organization and Dobson are Hatefilled people. Please Wake up. They recently had a TV telethon to get rid of the filibuster in the Senate to try and take away all of the rights the minority party has in regards to selecting Judges in our country. Please read both sides of the argument in regards to this man and his organisation and if you still believe in these people and the BS Propaganda they preach please keep it to yourself and don’t ever send Propaganda like this to me ever again.   Thank you,    

“These Dobson people are big, and you can see what they are up to. They are working their way through middle America…yup..all the red states and battleground states and spreading stuff like this…”our poor kids can never sing christmas carols again…”  Just thought this might light a fire under a few butts here at the Tribune…Next time we need to make calls to our Senators..think of this email..It will continue to inspire me to fight Dobson, Frist, DeLay, the Chimp and the entire bunch of Lying Crooks in the Repub party.

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