“The interrogation techniques used at Guantanamo … in 2002 triggered concerns among senior Pentagon officials that they could face criminal prosecution under U.S. anti-torture laws,” reports ABC News.

This shows that, per usual, Bush’s White House covers nobody’s asses but their own. You’d think their errand boys — from Tony Blair to Pentagon officials — would get wise to being set up by Bush.

During a January 2003 meeting involving top Pentagon lawyer William Haynes and other officials, the memo shows that Mora warned that “use of coercive techniques … has military, legal, and political implication … has international implication … and exposes us to liability and criminal prosecution.”

Mora’s deep concerns about interrogations at Guantanamo have been known, but not his warning that top officials could go to prison.

In another meeting held March 8, 2003, the group of top Pentagon lawyers concluded … “we need a presidential letter approving the use of the controversial interrogation to cover those who may be called upon to use them.”

No such letter was issued.

Meanwhile, Prof. Juan Cole features “Gitmo-by-the-Sea: 5-Star Holidays for Oppressed Christians,” a satire by blogger William Fisher.

And don’t miss the Gitmo Cookbook, brought to you by the Dummocrats.com. Yup. (Found this link at Ron Reagan’s show, “Connected,” on MSNBC.

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