Shirl’s Saturday Sermon, or. . .This is all Diane’s fault

After listening to the most pathetic professions of Diane101’s wallowing in her discomfort and physical/emotional pains and symptoms this morning, I am forced to write this diary because I
seem to have an inability to turn her down when she insists.  But that is a whole other issue. . .
In as much as Diane has been “under the weather” this morning, we are humoring her and she has asked if Zander will be our “waitress” for the Saturday Sermon. . . . .  (and if none of this makes sense to you, just understand that it is coming from that crazy woman, Diane)

Here it is:  Many of us have been inundated with the understandings and emotions of all that is going on in the greater world, the political world, the horrible war, and on and on, to say nothing of all that is going on in our own personal lives with family, spouses, friends, lovers and enemies.  

I am suggesting that the frustrations and all of those emotions can be allowed to weigh us down and bring us, if not despair, a real feeling of less than hope.  Choose not to take on the “responsibility” for all that is going on.  Be responsible only for your own actions or in-actions, but none others.  

What to do when you are in the horrible place of downward spiraling energy?  Create a space within your self that is your sanctuary.  Take a couple of deep breaths, Breathing. . .then close your eyes and think of a beautiful, restful spot of your own choosing and your own description. . .some place you have actually been or some place that you just create in your imagination, it doesn’t matter.  Trees, flowers, flora and fauna, Mountains, sea shores, it doesn’t matter as long as it is a place you would enjoy being. Just allow yourself to sit in that place with out worry or care for a moment or as long as it feels good to you to be there.  Restore yourself.  Know that once you have created this place, it is yours and it is residing within you.  Visit there whenever you wish.  Recharge your batteries, refresh yourself, allow yourself the luxury of this personal space of retreat.  

Now doesn’t that feel better?  No you are not to go there seeking answers or for figuring things out.  It is a place of rest and rejuvenation to be used whenever you need it or want it.

Enjoy your Saturday!  Enjoy everyday to the greatest degree that you can.  There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there is only NOW.  To miss now by dwelling in either of those other two places would be a mistake.

Hugs to everyone,

[I have no idea what Zander will be serving. . .but some soothing tea sounds about right to me]

(all kidding aside, wishing wellness and joy to each of you, and those feeling less than well especially)

Update [2005-6-25 15:14:7 by shirlstars]: Hey, Froggy Friends. . .if you post pictures, PLEASE make sure they are less than 400 pixels wide or it causes some folks problems with margins and they must scroll side to side to read or see what’s going on. Thanks

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