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Dear young chickenhawks,

You, as a supporter of the war in Iraq, ask why you should feel the need to become a soldier and support the war on the frontlines when the army service is voluntary.

In any unavoidable war, you would be right. This war, however, is different. It was not necessary. It was not needed. It was not unavoidable.

As the Downing Street Memo minutes and other evidence continue to unravel the lies of this administration, it is becoming more and more obvious that the Iraq war was elective and avoidable.

This war was optional. It was voluntary.

And there it is – because you support a voluntary war, you HAVE to go fight it yourself. Now.

You can no longer hide behind the voluntary nature of the army. This voluntary army was meant to only fight wars that are absolutely necessary. Get it?

So, guess what, chickenhawks. It is time.

You can volunteer or not for a war that absolutely has to be fought.

But you HAVE TO FIGHT in your voluntary war.

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