The Whispering Campaign continues to make its silent way across the country — and the world! Our hit-counter showed a sudden increase in the number of foreign visitors over the weekend, and we’re not sure what to make of that, but we’ll take it as a compliment. The traffic from Booman Tribune continued its slow but steady increase, and we do appreciate your support.

We also appreciate the support of blogger Liberal Chrystie, author of “The LameStream Media- Thanks for Nothing!” in which she wrote some very nice comments [which we have edited for brevity, as is our wont]

I want you to head for The Whispering Campaign if you do nothing else. It comes from some very big, important, behind the scenes people who are trying to help us. Or so I’ve heard. Call it a rumor or gossip, whatever… The articles will blow your mind. Wow. The information is stunning. If you’re not outraged after reading through this information, you’re not paying attention.

I dare not comment on the rumor or gossip, whatever.

I can confirm that we are trying to help you. In this regard, I wish to point out one very important fact which our friend Chrystie appears to have overlooked:

All our pages are designed to be printed, copied and distributed. We’re providing tools for the new media, but we need YOU to BE that media.

It’s not enough to ignore the lame-stream media, and whining about them is never going to change the way they ‘work’. Doing your own research is good, and blogging is better still, but we need to do even more than that.

We can’t just blog to our fellow bloggers. We need to talk to the whole country.

How can we do that??? It’s actually quite easy: Visit. Print. Copy. Distrubute. Repeat.

or in other words:
Knowledge Is Power. Pass It On!!

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