A delegation to Gitmo forsooth!
To look into behaviors uncouth.
But after two years,
They found no arrears,
Seems America “Can’t handle the truth…”

(four more after the fold!)
Bush reauthorized making plutonium,
Dismissing his critics ad hominem.
Seems the nuclear waste,
Can’t be smitten, post haste,
In order to avoid Pandora-monium.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Opts in for the nuclear rods.
It’s a part of his plan
To power Iran.
Will they survive the “Democracy Gods”?

Insurgents for years, says Rummy,
Iraqi withdrawal looks swampy.
All this garrulous drek,
Makes him sound just like Shrek,
All the while, more resembling Donkey.

“What’s up with this box-office slump?”
Hollywood asks in a grump.
At eight bucks a pop,
Unless prices drop,
Home theatre leaves wallets more plump.

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