WELCOME!  It’s time to Get FROGGY!!!  
Jump on into the FBC~Lounge and refresh yourselves.
We will be serving a delicious array of snacks and
drinks combined with conversation de’jour.

Open Topic as always, so Pick your favorite music
find a comfy spot and stay with us a spell. . .we are
always open!

I will be your server for the Night Shift, the name is
Shirl, the Game is Shirl Foolery (Tom’s busy tonight)
No rules, no fouls, no using the shrimp forks as weapons.

Party ON!

NEW HERE? Or never introduced yourself with a quick
 or detailed bio?  Well, then. . .the Welcome Wagon is
 parked right here and we would love to hear
 about who you are and how you found your
way to the Frog Pond of Booman Tribune.

REMEMBER FROGGERS. . .When you Post pics,
no wider than 400 pxls please so we don’t cause
 problems with scrolling for those with older equipment.

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