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Froggy Bottom Pub&Café
We’ve Gone Bookish:

A Special Edition for the Bookish,
the Bookmakers, and the Overbooked
A Room With A View (on the next room with no view)

Dear BT FBC Clientêle
Today I’m filling in for everyone who has filed out.  Mondays are not the best days to start a new job… but an excellent day to be let go from one.  Two days recovery time from two days celebration time, and one wouldn’t have to address the problem of unemployment until Saturday.  Perfect…
I’ll try to keep you happy with whatever you order, but don’t be surprised if the service is slow, sloppy and sometimes grumpy….  The bar is open, so take what you want.  The books are flying off the shelves… in the best FBC tradition of Brother Feldspar… “When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes. – Erasmus”

Name an interest, and I’ll throw you a book… I don’t recommend the food today, it’s all coming from the deli next door.  But I can recommend the great pot luck provided by our friends and patrons… Recipe cards are next to the betting slips on the window sills.  

Food Catered by the Full Belly Deli

There’s a heavy poker game going on in the back, just follow the trail of the stale smoke… As always there’s a pool game going on downstairs, and please remember NO JUMP SHOT ALLOWED  I don’t know how long we can keep the pool table, one more broken cue and one more chipped 8 ball and it might be the end…..  

Try to remember:
 “No Spillage In The Village”
“No Hassle in the Castle”

Basically, try and clean up after yourself, because it’s pretty sure I won’t have time to get around to it.  The first race is on at 2/30 and the last one is running at 6/30.  There will be no service at all for those four hours…. Clear the runway, keep the door open at all times.  The pay phone is hardly working, and any money you lose in it is lost and gone.  The bar phone is not officially working, so anyone ducking the boss, the creditor, or the Love Object, rest assured your anonymity is our number one concern.

Froggy Bottom Pub&Cafe
We’ve Gone Bookish
Open Bar In A Not Quite Open Bar

Stolen Library Book Night
Our Patrons This Evening:
Virginia Woolf and Jack London
Please don’t recommend to anyone with expectations of prompt and friendly service. We’re not them, we’re us.
May the 4’s be with you

Today’s café is brought to you by:  Poets, Editors & Novelists (PEN), The Writers’ Guild East&West, The Screenwriters’ Guild, National Association of Newspaper Journalists & Editors, The Literary Guild, Everyman’s Library, The Harvard Classics, the Atheneum, The Berkeley Public Library, the San Francisco Public Library, the Boston Public Library, the Mugar Library, the Baker Library, and of course, all the Carnegie Public Libraries around the US.  All the libraries with all the missing or stolen books over the last 30 years….  If the books have turned up here  … I swear I don’t know how.

The Record Collection

The Complete Frank Zappa
The Complete Frank Sinatra
The Complete Glenn Gould
The Complete Louis Armstrong
The Complete Edith Piaf
The Complete Berthold Brecht
The Complete Grateful Dead
The Complete ZZ Top
The Complete Spinners
The Complete Aretha Franklin
The Complete Marvin Gaye
The Complete Otis Redding
The Complete Temptations
The Complete Sam Cooke
The Complete Lionel Hampton
The Complete Luther Vandros
The Complete Barry White
The Complete Roy Orbison
The Complete Beatles
The Complete Paul Butterfield
The Complete Marianne Faithful
The Complete Carlos Santana
The Complete Joni Mitchell
The Complete Barbra Streisand
The Complete Maria Callas
The Complete Gershwin
The Complete Cole Porter
The Complete Nat King Cole
The Complete Muddy Waters
The Complete John Lee Hooker
The Complete Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Complete Rogers & Hammerstein
The Complete Bob Dylan
The Complete Yehudi Menuhin
The Complete Miles Davis
The Complete Ramsey Lewis Trio
The Complete Eddie Harris and Les McCann
The Complete Dizzy Gillespie
The Complete Count Basie
The Complete Charlie Parker
The Complete Jimi Hendrix
The Complete Gil Scott Heron
The Complete Robert Cray
The Complete George Benson
The Complete Carmen McCrae
The Complete Ry Cooder
The Complete Enrico Caruso
The Complete Joe Williams
The Complete Ella Fitzgerald
The Complete Dinah Washington
The Complete John Coltrane
The Complete Sarah Vaughan

Self Serve:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask Yvonne.

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