Monday Morning Press Conference: “Shocking” Election Practices Revealed

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who has been one of the few elected officials from either major party championing accountable elections, will have a press conference tomorrow morning (Monday July 18th) to reveal “shocking findings on Diebold Election Systems and the fraud and gross incompetence that has taken place in Georgia elections”.

When: Monday July 18th, 10am.

Where: The office of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

North DeKalb Mall, Suite D-46,

2050 Lawrenceville Hwy, Decatur, Georgia 30033

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DK’s Statement………

Kucinich calls for suspension of electronic voting

Kucinich press release

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, who has been sounding warning alarms regarding electronic voting systems since he began his campaign last year, today called on federal, state and local election officials “to suspend immediately the implementation of any voting systems that do not provide a 100 percent reliable paper-trail back-up to corroborate results.”

A decision yesterday by the eight-member California Voting Systems and Procedures Panel that 15,000 electronic voting machines in four counties be banned in the November election because of “glitches” in the March primary election “is more than enough evidence that these systems could undermine the integrity and affect the results of November’s general election,” Kucinich said.

Especially in terms of the Presidential election, Kucinich said, “we cannot entrust the future of our country to technologies that are flawed, suspect, and proven to have failed, especially when those technologies have been developed by companies that have their own political agendas.”

Diebold Election Systems, which came under the harshest criticism from the California elections panel, is headed by Chief Executive Officer Walden O’Dell, who last year became active in the re-election effort of President Bush, even attending a strategy meeting with wealthy Bush benefactors at the President’s private ranch in Texas. Soon after, O’Dell wrote a fundraising letter where he said he was “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.”

Although Diebold is the most embattled voting equipment company, Newsday reported that “paperless systems made by Sequoia Voting Systems Inc. and other competitors also expose elections to malicious attack, software glitches and mechanical errors that could delete or alter millions of ballots.” The story went on to report a variety of other problems in Indiana, Maryland, and other states. According to Newsday, “Because votes that only exist in electronic form can be altered or deleted, Oregon, New Hampshire and Illinois require paper ballots; and California, Missouri and Nevada will require paper backups on touchscreen terminals by 2006.” The newspaper also reported that “Secretaries of state in Washington and West Virginia are calling for paper trails, while Ohio is reconsidering the switch to new machines.”

Kucinich said he will take his challenges to the newly created federal agency charged with overseeing electronic voting, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, established in January, which will conduct a May 5 public hearing in Washington, D.C. on May 5.

“The technological problems are real,” Kucinich said, “and the potential for further problems, mischief, and outright fraud is equally real, and far more dangerous.”

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I will update when I have information about where the video of McKinney’s statement can be viewed.

This is a mad important issue whether you believe that the machinery has been gamed in the 2002 or 2004 elections.  I do believe it has been used to change the results of several elections.  But even  if you don’t agree, you have to see that it can be used that way.  Trusting that it WONT be used that way is nuts.

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