I have just read kid oakland’s recommended diary and some of the comments over at kos.
Number one:  Please go read it!
Number two:  There’s really no number two, but the diary and comments lead me to this position – and I hope to get you riled up too:  How does Bush have the nerve to make this express nomination?
More below:
His closest staff and advisors are embroiled in a scandal that involves national security.  It is not unlikely that one or several of these staff may be impeached.  It is also quite likely that Bush is involved in covering up what is evidently a crime within the WH.  Impeachment and prosecution may lie ahead for many of the usual suspects.  On this background, it is utterly inappropriate for Bush to proceed with any SCOTUS-nomination.  Is the nominee a friend of Bush – or one who can be trusted to toe the party line regardless of issue?
And what’s the rush?  Sandra Day O’Connor has not expressed particular impatience regarding her retirement.  Surely, she can wait until the grand jury finishes its investigation in October.  By then, we’ll have more clarity on the legal status of WH-staff.

No SCOTUS-nomination until the grand jury finishes its investigation!

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