In looking back over the past few years the one thing that stands out in my mind is how completely any critical voices in the Press have been silenced by a chorus of braying dogs.The result has been near totalitarian unanimity in opinions and even selection of topics for discussion.This could not have happened without a coordinated effort on the parts of the Press overlords and their handlers in the Administration.

The Judith Miller saga must be viewed in this context of the friendly merger between the Press and the Administration.Ms.Miller is admittedly a fanatical supporter of the War on Iraq on any pretext.She found an administration willing to invent pretexts and provided it, willingly, of the ammunition needed to bring about that war.Her zeal also prompted her to make common cause with Rove, Libby and Cheney to tar Ambassador Wilson.

This is why any attempt on her part to hide behind a Reporter’s Confidentiality smacks of hypocrisy.That story needs to be debunked.

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