Bush now says that it must be a crime,
With smirking and squirming, sublime.
Is he hedging his bets,
And parsing his threats,
Needing Rove to continue his slime?

(four more after the fold)
The Bureau says it will travail ,
So that terror will never prevail.
But what of Greenpeace,
Do they need to police?
Perhaps they’re just easier to tail…

Your next apple may have a tattoo,
Increasing the market’s purview.
Drop your mac in the sack,
But don’t be taken aback,
With tattooed PC ads in the queue…

They just can’t attack the UK
We’ve frightened Al Qaeda away.
Gotta say Oh, good grief,
Another Condi Rice brief!
And more bodies beneath a subway.

Seems that Farrell and Law are new clowns,
Both presenting in public with frowns.
Standing ever erect,
And without introspect,
`Tis what happens when a zipper’s stuck down…

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