John Roberts, nominee, Supreme Court,
Is he supporting the right to abort?
Will he send to the sea,
This conservative palm tree,
Prove he’s more of the Doug Roberts sort?

(four more after the fold)
The latest researching from Pew,
Assessing Old Dubya’s virtue,
Shows Americans’ trust,
Has been left in the dust.
Is the cause that Turd Blossum voodoo?

South Texas awaits Emily,
With tourists all massing to flee.
But the Mexican coast,
Has suffered the most,
From this tropically depressed émigré.

General Westmoreland has died,
The role of the press he decried.
Blamed their stories from Nam,
Sought to sacrifice lamb.
As he wrestled defeat with his pride.

In Philly,  a nude man attacked,
The police, not a stitch on his back.
But the puzzling spot,
Is, this guy, he was shot,
Concealed weapons he certainly lacked.

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