Thanks to NPR station KJZZ’s Rene Gutel, an update on Leonard Clark is listed on the above link. Her previous story, the update and the release from CENTCOM can be found there. Rene was one of the first reporters to cover this story and I’m glad she provided the update. There has not been alot of media attention about this since the inital reports of his detention.
If you read the press release it states what he was charged with:

Article 92 (Failure to obey order), 11 specifications; by releasing classified information regarding unit soldiers and convoys being attacked or hit by an improvised explosive devices on various dates, discussing troop movements on various dates, releasing Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures and Rules of Engagement used by the unit on various dates, in violation of a lawful general order prohibiting the release of such information.

Article 134 (Reckless endangerment), 2 specifications; by releasing specific information, on various dates regarding Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures and Rules of Engagement used by his unit and encouraging its widespread publication, such that the enemy forces could foreseeably access the information, such that with that information it was likely that the enemy forces could cause death or serious bodily harm to U.S. forces engaged in the same or similar mission.

It also states he was found guilty and did not appeal. His sentence/punishment was reduction to Private First Class (E-3), forfeiture of $820 per month for two months, 45 days restriction, and 45 days of extra duty. Both the restriction and extra duty were suspended for five months.

The blog was not mentioned as part of the press release. According to Rene, there was also an email sent by Leonard Clark that states he will not be writing about Iraq or the war while he is in Iraq. All previous posts on his blog, including recent ones linking KJZZ’s first report and the one article from Arizona Republic have been removed.

For those wondering about Khalid Jarrar, the Iraqi blogger who has been arrested in Iraq, last information is that he is still being held. No charges have yet been filed. His brother has stated they are expecting more information soon.

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