Welcome back, paint fans!  

In volume 4 of this series, (2 weeks ago.) we began the painting “inspired” by the streetscape seen in the photo immediately below.  (For those new to these diaries, it is the street in front of my house.)  The photo immediately below the streetscape shows where we left our work-in-progress.  Since that time I have taken the painting several steps further.  These changes are seen in the series of photos following.

The photo:

This is where we left our painting:

Seen below is the progress I have made since volume 4.

As you can see, I’ve made changes to the road, the color and the light areas coming through the trees.  The wooded area to the left has been
changed, the lower portion showing lightened areas.  The sky has changed color.  The sky is looking a bit like a stream but I’m still
not sure if I want to change it again.  This is how the process sometimes goes.  

Below is a photo showing how it presently appears.  

The photo shows further changes including more detail and highlights to wooded areas and the sky has changed again.  (I’m so hard to please.)  The light areas of the road toward the far end have changed to appear  more prominent.  I’m still considering further changes.  If I do make  any I will post photos next week.  Tell me what you think below in the  comments.

Emergency on aisle 5: The boran2 boy giving me his usual rapt attention.

Until next week, happy painting!    

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