12:45 AM, EST, 7/26/05

Google News.

No Rove headlines.

“North Korea Pledges to Seek Nuclear Free Peninsula.”

“SHORE is HOT up in here!!!” U.S. heatwave news.

AFL-CIO split.

Shuttle flight.

A.C.C. and sports.

Radio payola Pt. LLXXXIV.


Egypt + terror blasts.

More Philippine graft.

Brits gonna GET them colored bombers!!!

Roberts. Enough already. Let’s OK him and move on. He’s WHITE, ain’t he? What could go wrong?

Dems move to the center. “In the wake of terrorist attacks abroad, a procession of potential Democratic presidential candidates on Monday raised sharp questions about the Republican leadership’s handling of national security. … “

“A young US soldier admitted on Monday that he was guilty of killing an Iraqi officer two years ago in Iraq and had tried to cover up the case by injuring himself.”

Plus more pap, including “1946 Southern Lynchings revisited in stark detail”, “US study: Insurgents infiltrate Iraq police” and ‘Massachusetts Veto Seeks to Curb Morning-After Pill.”


Where is ROVE!!!???

Have we been beaten yet AGAIN?

O Lord that controls Heaven, Earth, and Republican Special Prosecutors named Fitzgerald…

Say it ain’t SO, Lord.

Say it ain’t so.


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