Ever feel like we’re under siege by the right?  Do you read the next outrageous legislation or proposal and wonder where they come up with this stuff?  Do you feel dazed after having been blind-sided by some whacky law that suddenly sprouts in states nationwide?

If so, you’re probably spending too much time in the reality-based community.  So you’re not always on defense, you need to know what’s brewing in that other community — the strange world of the right-wing “think tanks.”
The future is there, my friends.  Yes they’ve cooked up schemes and dreamed mad dreams, and they’re ready to unleash their vision on the unwary.  No need to wonder “what next?” I can tell you what they’ve got in their sites.

Today:  A right wing special report — 10 Most Harmful Government Programs!

Yes, according to the radicals there are ten programs singled out as hurting America and they must be destroyed.  Here, I’ll let them tell you:

The programs elected by our judges don’t just cost money, they also attack our values and corrode the spirit of liberty that makes America the greatest nation.

What are these dastardly programs?  Well, number one is no real surprise.  We’ve known for years that they hate taxes, and here they just come out and say it — #1 Target:  Internal Revenue Code.

#2 is Social Security, which we kind of knew as well, but did you know that Medicare and Medicaid are #3 and #5?  They really hate people getting healthcare, evidently, since SSI, the program helping people on permanent disability gets “dishonorable mention.”

#4 is Tax Withholding which they’ve apparently thrown in for good measure in case they can’t get rid of the tax code entirely.  These people are nothing if not thorough.

The list rounds out with the Endangered Species Act, Bi-lingual Education Grants, Title X Family Planning Funding, and Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

I suppose that was all sort of foreseeable, but #10 was a surprise — Sugar Import Quotas and Subsidies.  Who knew the “sugar cartels” as they call them, were such a big deal?  I mean, it made it over all the “dishonorable mentions” and there were targets in that list I expected to be much higher up!

C’mon!  They’ve got Section 8, Superfund, Sex ed funding, Americans with Disabilities Act, Fuel Economy Standards — I’d think these would be much higher on their list than sugar.

See, this stuff is educational.  When the Big Candy lobby hits your state, you’ll be expecting it.

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