I’m one of the lucky 12,000 who gave a little $ to Paul Hackett’s winning/losing Ohio campaign. We all just got this absolutely wonderful thank you note from him.  I LOVE this note, even though spellcheck let him down on “vein,” lol.  I adore its humor, its vitality, its spunk, its drive.

I have a feeling you guys will love it, too.

Enjoy. And next time we’ll make it 120,000, and then 12 million. . .

Friends, Countrymen, Americans, I come not to mourn our loss but to celebrate our success, and to learn from our mistakes so that our losses will not be in vein.

Your tremendous effort, support and dedication to winning our race are a testimonial of our abilities and I am truly humbled and grateful.

I can hardly begin to list and thank the number of people from not only around Southern Ohio, but also from around the US that pitched in to help the effort.

To my working brothers and sisters in organized labor who were the first to believe, I will not forget. Phydeoux, I would thank you personally but I already have your vote.

Thank you county chairs for your early support and effort in addition to the folks who started showing up early and often in the Batavia offices. You know who you are and I thank you. Russ it’s a good ! thing we didn’t grow up together or we’d both be in jail.

To the many ward chairs, club presidents and county chairs from Brown, Pike, Adams, Clermont, Hamilton, Scioto and Warren County to Waverly, Portsmouth, West Union, Hyde Park and Mt. Adams we couldn’t have had such a good showing without your max effort.

And to all the blogsters, what can I say? We’ll do it again and get er done next time. Chris, Bob, Tim, Chris and the rest in the blogoshpere you guys and gals were awesome. You gave us the freedom to get the phone out of my ear so we could take the fight to them in their own backyard. I/we will learn from this and employ these insurgency tactics earlier next time. Let’s be careful though who we share this information with.

Of course since we raised money from over 12,000 US citizens I must extend a hearty thank you for seeing this fight and coming to our aid in southern Ohio. We will refocus and eventually win ! not only this district, but also the state. Thank you for coming here both in person and in cyberspace to donate and contribute.

Barbara, Jimmy, Fred, Tom & Cathy, Jody, the Bernstein, Wolf, Fleischman, Meade, and so many other families that invested more than just their money and time, I and my family thank you.

To the national players the team knows the extent of your assistance and we greatly appreciate and value all that you did for us. We know you’ve taken some undeserved heat but we have spread the good word on your behalf. Thanks, we know the real story. Dan, thanks for the ground game. Rahm, I think you’re a hell of nice guy despite what everyone else says. Tim, let’s work on skeet shooting some more. Ted you were the first to believe; thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kate, Melissa, Clay and all those other faces I can picture but can’t remember the names that go with them, you were true professionals.

Max, Colonel and Mrs. Glenn, to stand in your shadow was an honor. My two oldest ! kids will never forget.

We now must move forward keeping in mind that while we lost we must rest up and fight the next race. We must realize that our opponents have learned from us and that next time it won’t be as “easy”. That means we have to start looking ahead now and organizing now.

For the 2nd district we must consolidate and organize all of our GOTV records and prepare them for the ’06 race. I ask everyone to right a simple after action report and forward it to me. I want it from everyone. We must learn what we did right and wrong so we can improve next time. We must become more efficient in our communications to further improve our ability to execute the plan and reduce confusion and wasted time. I think we should almost aim toward the “high school snow cancellation phone tree” as an example. We should have our corps infrastructure in place from county chairs down by this November, and we should start practicing our GOTV! execution. I’m serious. In the Marine Corps we say we fight as w e train and it’s better to sweat in training than to bleed in war. Let’s practice district wide the GOTV piece, it is one constant we can strive to perfect and we all understand its importance. With the GOTV as our foundation for votes and cyberspace as our foundation for fundraising, good candidates can win.

We had a great success in the toughest district in the US and though we lost this skirmish if we keep up the fight and the focus we will win this state back for working Americans, for us, the quiet moderate majority.

Thank you,

Paul Hackett

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