“I’m going to take this left foot and stick it right up your rhetorical ass and there’s not a damn thing you’re going to be able to do about it…”

No disrespect at all intended to Cindy… she’s my new hero… I wish I could be there.

I rewrote “One Tin Soldier” for her and her group, because I really want to be there in spirit.

“One Black Gold Coward” after the fold…
One Black Gold Coward

Listen people to a story that continues to unfold,
`Bout a kingdom based in Crawford and the lies its leader told.
He fled to Crawford under pressure with buried head would not atone,
For the noble people whored, to call the oil, his very own.

Tell `em that you love your neighbor, go ahead and cheat; defend.
Do it in the name of W, crucify and never bend,
There won’t be any barrels flowin’ come the rapture day
On the oily morning after… one black gold coward whines and prays.

The noble victims called for rallies, and sent a message that was shrill,
Asking why their buried treasure; sons and daughters, needless killed.
Came an answer, not the leader, ” Thank you for your children rare,
Keeping freedoms of this kingdom, and all the riches, over there.”

The noble victims faced the danger, parked their horses, refrained from swords,
And they milled round Crawford leader, proved they wouldn’t just get bored.
Now they stood inside with pleasure in the compound, dark, unfed.
Would Bush atone, no he’s above it, “I owe you,” was all he said…

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